1. Lyrics 

    When I take that tablet snap it

    Drop it likes its acid keep persevering I’m a maverick

    To achieve way above average I’m talking sky high status

    I’m talking mile high club tell me if your as much as an addict

    To turn yeo craft into habit

    Watch the internal structure as it collapses did u catch it

    See I disposed of it and left it in a bed full of roses

    With luck staring at me one chapter opens as one closes

    I walk through the door hoping to not be noticed

    Hoping to not be told something that knocks me off my focus

    My opus is constructed like Mr. Holland

    As I spring on the track like water from po land hold up I’m wilden

    I don’t do what they do I’m not a hair stylist

    My iris is fixated on the horizon stay like a bird till I’m dieing

    Until it all crumbles and the wheels decay

    I was me the day before and I plan to be the same today

    Stay away from normalcy cause it defiles art

    I find a beat to be fresh meat cause I’m a shark

    I’m scatter brained always was always will be

    The nemesis in every rappers dreams u cannot kill me

    A lot of cheese is at steak but I don’t choke feel me

    Cause I don’t play like the 2011 yankees or phillies

    My series of albums should be viewed by the world

    Instead of a close circle of friends and that one pretty ass girl

    But it’s chill and I still will climb

    Fight what’s defined as music whenever I rhyme

    I do not follow form I’m just graceful like a swan

    With a mind as bright as a light and hands as dirty as porn

    In the midst of all these jerk offs it’s harder to get the edge

    But I digress maybe I’ll divert from 9 years of this progress

    Nope not yet can’t go, cause I got this in the bucket kangol

    I swear to God I’m a take charge all yall will get canceled

    See I’m Nino but colder like 3 below

    Such a cathartic negro Byronic hero I be bro

    If you need the precision I’m the seamstress with a needle

    Da Vinci with an easel Gandhi to all his people

    I put my hand on the bible I swear on this cathedral
    To turn up the digress welcome into the kitchen

    That vixen keeps on whispering fueling the fire to an addiction

    I’m sippen while I’m convinced I don’t have enough conviction

    When will I realize I have all I need to be in this business

    It taxes my heart when I see that they have no interest 

    If I don’t get put on give me heroine filled syringes

    I’ll disperse the poison to my vein and submerge inches

    Maybe through death they’ll realize my genius

    And rappers will realize there are a million miles between us 

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