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    When my iPhone drops…


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  3. Got it!

    I snagged myself a copy of Noah + The Whale’s CD. I believe it was their first, and up until now I had to pay tribute to the Spotify gods just to hear it (all ads monotonous and painfully necessary). 

    Not to mention the fact that I get to see some of the most beautiful souls tomorrow. Dinner, drinks, and a circle of friends, both new and old. I even went shopping. It was more like drive-by shopping because I literally found my outfit in Uniqlo in ten minutes.


    It feels great to have my mind focused on something fun right around the corner. I don’t feel like worrying about the nonsense, and for now, I won’t have to.

  4. "Ma, who built the ocean"

    - He just wants to know 

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    We’re still laughing

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    it’s true though why am i laughing

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